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Types of Threads and cords

There are a huge number of them. They are distributed in the catalog so that you can easily find the necessary product:

- silicone thread for bracelets;
- mononite;
- elastic cords;
- paracord;
- polyester twisted and flat;
- rubber;
- waxed or shambhala;
- nylon and many others

In addition, they are all divided by size, length, thickness, etc. But every needlewoman will quickly find and be able to purchase exactly the one that she needs.

Waxed cords are cotton elastic thread coated with wax. A rich selection of colors allows you to use such laces for weaving bracelets and for creating other original jewelry.
Leather cord is an equally popular type for creating unique jewelry, crafts and stylish decor. Leather and suede always remain in fashion.
Nylon is a strong, durable, elastic, bright material that makes it possible to realize any fantasies of a needlewoman.
Tibetan or cord for shambhala bracelets. It has a smooth surface. It resembles perfect skin. Resistant to rot, has high wear resistance. Multiple positive characteristics at a low cost make it in demand among craftswomen.
Another of the popular species, which is considered a Threads and cords for survival. It quickly dissolves from any product and is used for any purpose in extreme conditions. But in peaceful life, original, stylish bracelets, belts and much more are created from it.
Suture Threads and cords. They will impress even an experienced craftswoman with their originality. Working with him is simple and pleasant, and the result will please many. They make it possible to create sparkling jewelry with or without stones.
The use of cords in needlework and decoration
Modern cords are used by needlewomen in various jobs:

- creating bracelets;
- making necklaces and earrings;
- weaving in various techniques;
- embroidery;
- edging of products;
- decor of clothing and haberdashery items;
- decorations for interiors.

Appreciating the beauty of modern Threads and cords for jewelry, everyone may have a desire to purchase sparkling, elastic products. This is how the number of needlewomen increases. And this pleases, because the popularity of products made in the hand-made technique is growing, jewelry and decor are in high demand. This can be an additional replenishment of the family budget or just a pleasant kind of successful business. Our store has favorable offers for wholesale buyers, which you should definitely pay attention to.

Decorative Threads for bracelets can transform any product, an old panel, a photo album in a few moments. Even a child will be able to create a beautiful card or toy using a Threads, which will be the most pleasant gift for everyone.