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Experience the magic of silicone beads in soothing your little one during teething or before bedtime. These versatile beads can also serve as a delightful distraction during travel or while waiting in queues. Crafted from food-grade silicone, these beads are not just toys, but a safe and effective solution to your baby's discomfort.

Our online store offers a wide array of silicone beads, along with rodents, motifs, and clips. With these, you can create wonderful DIY toys for your child - slingobuses, mobiles, stroller stretchers, crib pads, and silicone teethers.

Food-grade silicone toys, especially our silicone beads, are beneficial, convenient, and safe. This hypoallergenic material is free from harmful components and does not release any toxic substances when chewed or heated. It's widely used in medicine, the food industry, and of course, in the manufacturing of children's goods.

Our silicone beads and rodents are soft, elastic, and incredibly durable. They provide a perfect massage for your child's gums without causing any damage. Plus, the robust nature of these toys ensures that your baby won't be able to break them and swallow a piece.

One of the key advantages of food-grade silicone is its resistance to bacteria. It's incredibly easy to maintain - simply wash it with warm water and child-safe detergents. With silicone beads, you're choosing a product that combines fun, safety, and hygiene in one.