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Wooden craft beads are probably the most popular wood beads for jewelry making of all.

The scope of their application is very wide:

Jewelry making, bracelets, earrings;
creating ethnic souvenirs, talismans, rosaries;
jewelry making of clothing, shoes, knitwear, bags;
children's creativity — all kinds of crafts, jewelry;
wooden craft beads use in the manufacture and decoration of children's toys;
wooden beads as a base for slingobus, decor for the holder of “rodents” and pacifiers;
making decor and counting element in soft educational books;
using wooden craft beads as an additional decorative element in scrap booking;
creating toys and clothing for them;
florist and decoration of gifts.
This breadth of application is due to the environmental friendliness, naturalness of the material, a variety of shapes and colors, and price attractiveness.
In the assortment of our store you will find wood beads for jewelry making from various types of wooden craft beads of Russian, European and Chinese production of all possible shapes, sizes and colors.