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Unleash Your Creativity with Bead Spacers at RainbowGemBeads🌈

Bead Spacers and rondels are the secret ingredients in jewelry making. These tiny yet mighty components play a pivotal role in creating stunning, well-structured pieces of jewelry. They help maintain an even distance between beads, align them in neat rows, and secure them in a parallel position. Whether you're looking for a decorative touch or a functional base for your jewelry, bead spacers are an indispensable addition to your toolkit.

Dive into Our Diverse Range of Bead Spacers🔍

At RainbowGemBeads, we offer a wide variety of metal spacers to cater to your unique needs. Our spacers come in different shapes and sizes, designed to accommodate varying numbers of beads. Crafted from sturdy, practical materials, our spacers are built to last.

Choose from separators ranging from 10 to 20 mm or even larger, depending on your project's requirements. The diameter of the holes in our spacers also varies, with options from 1 to 1.9 mm available.

Our bead spacers come in antique gold or antique silver, adding a touch of vintage charm to your creations. Depending on your needs, you can purchase packages containing anywhere from 1 to 10 pieces.

More Than Just Spacers - Explore Our Collection🎁

In addition to bead spacers, we also offer other types of separators used in jewelry making:

Rondels: These are beads with a convex or concave shape, used to separate large elements in a piece of jewelry.
Spacers: These are separator beads threaded onto a string between larger elements, providing additional space where needed.
You can find these and more in our online store. So why wait? Start exploring our collection of bead spacers and rondels today and bring your jewelry designs to life!