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Bead Spacers, rondels are used when creating jewelry in order to keep the beads at the same distance, line them up exactly in several rows, fix them in a parallel position. This element of accessories for jewelry can have a decorative function or just be the basis. You can buy bead dividers in the House of Beads online store.

Rondels and spacers in the assortment

On our website there are several types of metal spacers of different shapes and designed for different numbers of beads. The material is sturdy and practical. According to the size, you can choose a separator from 10 to 20 mm or more. The diameter of the holes can be different: from 1 to 1.9 mm.

Product color: antique gold or antique silver. The package can be from 1 to 10 pcs.

Other types of Bead Spacers are also used in jewelry:

rondels are beads that have a convex or concave shape and serve to separate large elements;
spacers are separator beads that are threaded into a thread between large elements, where additional space is needed.
You can also buy them in our online store.