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Delve into the world of lightweight and hypoallergenic acrylic beads at our online store. Perfect for crafting jewelry for all ages, our acrylic beads boast an extensive color palette, with 28 hues and various diameters from 4 to 22 millimeters. We offer classic pearls, unique shapes, and much more. With constant updates to our selection, there's something to satisfy every discerning buyer. We deliver to Europe, USA, and Australia.

Affordable Creativity with Plastic and Acrylic Beads at presents a vast range of acrylic and plastic beads, popular for their affordability and diversity in shapes and colors. Lightweight and durable, these beads mimic the aesthetic of natural stone without the weight. Enjoy their numerous benefits: eco-friendly, attractive, sturdy, affordable, and their variety in colors and shapes.

Unleash Your Imagination with an Array of Plastic Beads

Our catalog features an array of intriguing forms: balls, drops, cubes, cones, flowers, butterflies, letters, and more. Whether you're crafting exclusive jewelry or interior decor, our selection facilitates the most daring designs.

Infinite Possibilities with Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads' versatility transcends jewelry making. They're a fantastic resource for children's creative development, helping hone fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and color and shape recognition. From fashioning interior decor to creating curtain accents, the applications of our acrylic beads are limitless. Explore our collection today, with wholesale options available.