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Rhinestone Beads presented in our store are metal beads inlaid with multicolored glass crystals. Rhinestones imitate natural stones (sapphires, amethysts, emeralds, aquamarine and others) in color. The assortment includes Rhinestone Beads of various configurations, types and shapes: these are independent beads, and separators for other decorative elements that will look great with them in the composition. Metal (iron and brass) elements on them are covered with compositions imitating precious and semi-precious metals: bronze, silver, gold (including rose gold). The sizes of the separator beads in the form of a rondel are in the range of 6-10x2,5-4 mm. In sets from 10 to 50 pieces, there are sets with the same beads, and there are mixes.

Shambhala Beads in the ""

On our website you can order Shambhala beads for making bracelets of the same name. Excellent choice and low prices - that's what characterizes the RainbowGemBeads online store!

A distinctive feature of such bracelets is a unique combination of external attractiveness and sacred inner content. This is not only a trendy decoration, but also an amulet that has the strongest protective properties.

Wearing shambhala gives the bracelet owner self-confidence, makes him invulnerable to negative energy coming from the outside, helps to fully understand the harmony of the inner self and the surrounding world.

Everything that people spend incredible efforts on for years turns out to be quite accessible to everyone — it's enough just to buy Rhinestone beads bracelets and create an amulet decoration. The sale of such materials in our online store is in full swing.

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