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Stylish and fashionable jewelry is a common way to make the appearance more vivid, attractive or even irresistible. It is not for nothing that jewelry made of metals, plastics, etc., which imitate jewelry, have an appropriate name. From the French language, the word "costume jewelry" is translated as "treasure". This fully reflects the essence of luxury, high-quality gizmos as a synonym for exclusivity, which are very popular.

In appearance, they are usually very similar to "real" luxury products made of precious metals. They are made of inexpensive materials, using advanced technologies, so they are often not inferior either in beauty or quality. They are offered in a wide range, allowing you to choose jewelry for any outfit and event, creating a unique style to always be on top. Only their price is much lower and makes luxury accessible to everyone.

Three categories of jewelry offered on the RainbowGembeads website
The first category includes amazing and charming products addressed to the beautiful half of humanity. They once again demonstrate that a woman's passion for decorating herself is truly inexhaustible, helping to create all kinds of images, the manifestation of fantasy. Men's options are a modern look at fashion, a path to self-expression, a simple opportunity to emphasize brutality and masculinity.

A separate category is formed by children's jewelry, which is in particular demand. It takes into account the tastes, needs of young ladies and gentlemen, as well as the characteristics of delicate, sensitive skin and the body as a whole. Therefore, it happens in all colors of the rainbow, it is bright, colorful, hypoallergenic, and has an increased safety indicator.

What kind of jewelry can be found in the catalog

Earrings are one of the most common jewelry usually worn in the ears.
Chains are small and thin, thick, large, and long chains used as neck ornaments.
Rings are headbands that are worn on the fingers.

Bracelets are varieties for hands or feet in the form of a ring or chain covering the wrist.

Brooches are products with clasps pinned to dresses, blouses, jackets, and other items of clothing.

Necklaces are neck ornaments in the form of a hoop or a chain with inserts.

Pendants and pendants are separate varieties that are put on a chain or suspended from something.

Beads are small rounded objects strung on a thread, stones, or, for example, pearls.
Chokers and laces are short necklaces that fit snugly around the neck, adjustable in size.

Piercing – fashion accessories, decorative elements of youth style.

Jewelry sets are a ready-made solution that simplifies the creation of an image.
How to choose jewelry by material

In modern production, a variety of materials are used - from a variety of metals and alloys to plastics, glass, and ceramics. You can buy jewelry made of medical alloy or, for example, from natural stones. A separate type is a jewelry, for the manufacture of which pearls, amber, corals, semi-precious or ornamental stones are often used. It is also not difficult to find handmade accessories - with beads, beads, glass beads, etc.

It is necessary to take into account not only the material itself but also the coating. There are interesting gold-plated products, gold-plated, chrome-plated, and many others. Thanks to the variety, there is a suitable model for every connoisseur, aesthete, and most sophisticated fashionista.