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Metal beads are characterized by practicality and durability. You can buy metal beads in our online store of beads and accessories at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of jewelry products. You can choose beads from different metals: brass beads, aluminum beads, etc.

The catalog of metal beads includes
By type, metal can be:

- aluminum;
- cloisonne;
- in the Tibetan style;
- handmade in Tibetan style;
- separators.

The color of the accessories may be different. You will be able to pick up the necessary details for any decoration. In terms of shape, we offer more than 23 options: round, square, animals, heart, drop, flower, etc.

Metal beads with worldwide delivery

The section presents high-quality products, the price of which may be less. Buying beads is most practical in bulk. We provide wholesalers with favorable conditions. There is also a bonus system that will allow you to save from 15-20%, which with a large order can amount to 50 USD or more.

A discount system works for retail customers. So cardholders get from 3 to 15% discount on any product. Compared to other online stores, we offer very affordable prices. We provide you with the choice of a carrier – it can be any company that operates in the country.