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The online store "" presents to your attention the high-quality accessories necessary to create exclusive accessories. It looks beautiful, original, adds a finished look to the product. Therefore, such small details will noticeably change the appearance of the product, as they are still an independent additional decoration.

In this section of our catalog, Crimp Beads, Covers are presented – a type of fasteners for jewelry, which is also called crimps or stoppers. The main function of this type of accessories is the fixed fixation of beads and other elements on a certain part of the product.

We sell Crimp Beads, Covers in the form of barrels, rondels, round (spherical) beads, cylinders and others.

The diameter of the Crimp Beads, Covers varies from 1 to 5 millimeters. They are sold packaged in 5 or 20 grams. You can also buy Crimp Beads, Covers in sets, where 12 types of different Crimp Beads, Covers are collected.

Application in needlework

Crimp Beads, Covers are very popular with craftswomen who collect designer jewelry. These elements open up a number of constructive and decorative possibilities. So, they allow you to fix and mask the attachment point and the ends of the base material on a cord, fishing line, ribbon, thin thread or other base, for example, near the fastener. This is the first and main area of their application. But, of course, not the only one. Crimp Beads, Covers are also used in cases where it is necessary that the strung crimp beads do not slide freely on the base of the decoration.

Crimp Beads, Covers are selected based on the material that is taken as the basis of the product - its diameter, physical characteristics (softness, smoothness of the surface, etc.). It is also taken into account how they will be located. Of course, the shape, design and material from which the crimps are made should be harmoniously combined with other decorative elements of this product.

Crimp Beads, Covers consisting of two closing hemispheres are used to secure nylon thread and monofilament. To fix the base inside the crimp, it must be threaded through the hole, tie several knots on it, press them with special teeth and close the shutters of the Crimp Beads, Covers. Skilled workers use pliers for these manipulations.

Products with such accessories look neat, aesthetically pleasing and complete.

Where and how to buy

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