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Not all women like to decorate their image with gold products. Much more interesting looks jewelry, in the manufacture of which cold porcelain or beads made of polymer clay were used. This is an opportunity to create an individual, unique and stylish image. After all, today jewelry made by hand is considered the most fashionable. offers a large assortment. These are exquisite, beautiful polymer clay beads, made by hand. Bright, various-sized flowers, berries, fruits will help to create an original decoration that will become a favorite in a women's jewelry box. It is pleasant to work with the material, the result will satisfy the taste of a demanding fashionista. This is an occupation that can become a profitable business, since products are in high demand. online store presents to your attention bright, beautiful polymer clay beads that will help you create unique author's jewelry, bringing a special charm and creativity to your image.

These are handmade polymer clay beads. They are presented in a stunning variety of shapes, attract attention and awaken the imagination with their catchy colors and cute images. First of all, you immediately want to make baby beads, a bracelet or a hair clip out of them – they seem to have been created for this. Secondly, when you look at the juicy colors of all these flowers and berries, you remember carefree summer days, summer, vacation, rest ... therefore, even an adult woman can instantly cheer up such a cute decoration.

The catalog of our online store presents more than 25 types of polymer clay beads of excellent quality. You can choose cute beads in the form of flowers of different colors, sizes and configurations for your project. The diameter of such beads varies from 6 to 20 mm.

Beads in the form of various fruits and berries look no less attractive: strawberries, raspberries, pears, kiwi slices and oranges. These polymer clay beads can be purchased both in separate packages and in the form of mixes. The same can be said about beads in the form of funny faces and emoticons.

If you want a more "serious", but no less striking design, pay attention to beads of strict geometric shapes – for example, cylinders formed from clay of different colors forming an ornament.

Polymer clay beads look very interesting: each of these beads is like a separate work of art, a kind of micro sculpture.

Application in needlework

In addition to being used to create jewelry, polymer clay beads are very popular in scrapbooking and cardmaking, for decorating clothes, curtains and various interior items.

Such decorations and decor will bring notes of fun, creativity, positivity to your image or the atmosphere.

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