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According to many sources, Libra is suitable for jewelry varieties of the quartz group: amethyst and citrine. Despite their ubiquity, there are expensive and valuable varieties. It is believed that the golden color of citrine has a stimulating effect on a person and fills him with vital energy. Gemstone coin beads for Libra are recommended for women and men as a positive magical talisman. Amethyst can have a color from light lilac to a rich dark shade, which is associated with diluted wine. Perhaps this is what gave rise to the legends about the unusual effect of this gemstone coin beads: they say that those who wear amethyst do not get drunk. Its properties allow those born under the sign of the zodiac Libra to reveal the talents inherent in nature.Except for the specified gem coin. Sign suitable padparadscha sapphire, also pointed out pink beryl is morganite, diamonds, coral pink. If you are thinking about choosing a talisman or amulet, remember the main rule: gem coin should please you. And even if it's not on the list, listen to your inner voice.