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The use of the magical qualities of lepidolite beads among magicians and healers is just beginning to gain momentum. His power had rarely been used before. It is known for its ability to relieve irritation and other negative emotional manifestations. The mineral promotes quiet family happiness. The beneficial effect is enhanced if there is a burning candle next to it. It can protect sensitive people from love disappointments and frustrations of hopes, it is more likely to prevent the occurrence of a problem situation than to in solving it. lepidolite beads can give a hint of the correct solution to the problem, but it will not help in correcting the error if it has already been committed. For example, it will keep the husband in the family, but it is not in his power to bring him back. This means that you should contact lepidolite beads for help in a timely manner. Its magic is great for those who are fond of soothing treatments and meditations. Contemplation of lepidolite beads during sessions helps to achieve peace, the rejection of earthly petty passions.