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Post by Tatsiana.

The history of rhodochrosite (rhodonite) It was named after the Greek word "rhodochros", which means ”pinkRhodochrosite was first found in Argentina in the late 1930s. But long before that, the Inca civilization widely used stone for making jewelry and ritual products. Therefore, the second name of rhodochrosite is “Inca rose”.

Today, this soft pink mineral is mainly used for making beads, cabochons, crystal precious sticks, and other things. This is necessary for craftsmen who make jewelry, costume jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, rings, and much more.

Healing and magical properties of rhodochrosite (rhodonite)
In the East, the rhodochrosite stone was attributed to amazing properties: cleansing the soul, strengthening love and family values, increasing the desire for new knowledge.

The mineral helps to improve memory, harmonize vital energy. In addition, rhodonite is widely used in massage: one such session can significantly increase the tone of the body, give it strength and energize it.

Most of all, the “Inca Rose” is suitable for people born under the signs of Libra or Gemini. For them, the stone is a powerful talisman, helps in life, attracts success. There is an opinion that it is enough to give the object of your love a bracelet with rhodochrosite to achieve reciprocity.

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The Incas believed that rhodochrosite represented the blood of their ancient rulers, who had once turned to stone.
In addition to the official name, rhodochrosite is also sometimes poetically called the stone of the morning dawn.