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Star shaped gemstones April
Diamond-In the Roman and Arabic interpretation, a sapphire is mentioned. The mascot of April is topaz. Star shaped gemstones May
Emerald-Its gorgeous deep shade of lush green really suits this month of ubiquitous blooming. The mascot for those born in May is a red garnet, its ancient name is "carbuncle", the word " carbon "means" coal", and all because of the fact that dark red grenades resemble embers. Star shaped gemstones June
Those born in June have two gems to choose from: moonstone and alexandrite. According to traditional tables, agate (Eastern Europe), pearl (Hindu), and agate (Central Asia) also correspond to June. June's mascot is Star gemstone.
July Stones. Gems star of the month - ruby. In addition to ruby, some sources mention sapphires, onyx, carnelian, and emerald.
August Stones. gems star - chrysolite. Chrysolite in Western Europe and the United States is called "peridot", also known by the term "olivine". Previously, star gemstone was recommended for August. In our country, Augustus corresponds to alexandrite.
Stones of September. gems star sapphire-until another version, the gem of September is chrysolite, and in the Hindu tradition - zircon.