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Also on our website, you can buy beads made of Coral, a natural stone having various colors white, blue-blue, lilac-purple, orange-yellow, etc.

Features of natural Quartz beads

Quartz is the most common mineral on the planet. There are deposits of this stone in almost every corner of it. By nature, natural quartz beads can have different colors: pink, white, gray, yellow, black, transparent (sugar natural quartz), etc. Most of the minerals that are used in jewelry (agate, jasper, cat's eye, onyx, etc.) belong to "quartz", so it is possible that you already have jewelry with this mineral at home.

Quartz crystals are used as a conductor of energy in many spiritual practices. It is ideal for meditation and aura cleansing. Quartz beads for jewelry making can be "charged" with any energy – for good luck, love, health, and well-being, making an ordinary decoration a talisman for a dear person. Delicate and romantic rose quartz beads are especially popular.

Almost all varieties of quartz beads are for jewelry making. Rings, pendants, earrings, beads, brooches, as well as various souvenirs, are often made of them. Almost every woman has an ornament with this natural stone.