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... And in the depths of it, as if in a quiet fog, dark shadows of demons are seen, as if swirling, indignant, dreaming of breaking free...

This is how the smoky stone was described in the Middle Ages – a mineral capable of awakening the most secret fears of the human soul.

Smoky quartz beads got their name due to their color, often also unevenly distributed: as if clouds of smoke beads burst out from a room raging with fire, and froze, forever encased in crystal. Another name of the mineral is rauchtopaz, from the German "Rauch" – smoke, however, it has no relation directly to topaz as such. The smoky quartz beads also have a third name, often found in mystical and fiction literature - morion, from the Latin "morass" - gloomy, gloomy or from "togtopot" - dark crystal (the most dark-colored variety of the mineral). In Russia, smoky quartz beads were traditionally called "tar" or "gypsy stone".

Rauchtopaz is a smoky quartz beads that is hard to confuse with some others. As a rule, it is presented in one of the main colors: gray or gray-brown, shades of brown and brown. Most often, the color at the top of the crystal is more saturated. Since ancient times it has been used for making jewelry (faceted inserts for rings and earrings, smoky quartz beads, pendants, etc.), tableware, and symbols of power.