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Positive properties

- clear quartz beads is useful for everyone to wear for general health improvement
- amulets made of clear crystal quartz beads help to preserve iron health until old age and promote longevity
- women improve the condition of the skin: regular massage with its use promotes the regeneration of skin cells, noticeably improves its condition, cleanses and rejuvenates. The healing mineral helps to get rid of acne, warts, bruises, edema, etc.
- clear quartz beads will help to get rid of insomnia, the effects of severe stress, depression and neurosis, irritability, and short temper. In order for the stone to have a healing effect on you, you can wear it as jewelry or put it under your pillow at night
- positive effect on the pancreas. Noticeably improves the condition of diabetics
- the healing power of clear crystal quartz has a positive effect on female reproductive organs and helps to cope with their diseases. Lithotherapists recommend wearing clear quartz beads amulets during pregnancy
- clear crystal quartz has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, strengthens blood vessels, and contributes to the normalization of the heart as a whole. Pendants and other jewelry with clear quartz beads are recommended to be worn during rehabilitation after a heart attack