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Discover the Power of Hematite Beads

Discover the Power of Hematite Beads

Our hematite bead collection, a treasure trove of elegance and strength, is ideal for crafting unique jewelry pieces. Hematite, a time-honored stone, was once used to create protective amulets for warriors, making it a perfect choice for men's jewelry. We offer both natural and synthetic hematite beads in various shades like black-gray, gold, silver, brown, benzene, and more.

Versatility and Variety

The hematite beads come in a plethora of shapes: round, cylindrical, oval, conical, faceted, and even whimsical shapes like heart, flower, drop, and crumb. The sizes are as diverse as the shapes, with round natural hematite beads ranging from 2mm to 10mm in diameter. Our cylindrical beads measure 9mm in length and 3mm in width, and the cubic ones are 3x3x3mm. Each bead type is strung together on threads, holding between 38 to 223 pieces.

Zodiac Compatibility and Hematite's Influence

Hematite beads resonate most profoundly with Scorpios, offering protection and helping to balance their emotional energy. Aries can benefit from wearing hematite jewelry too, as it sharpens intuition and enhances imaginative thinking. For Cancerians, hematite beads can bring focus and a more objective outlook on life.

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More Bead Options

Apart from hematite, we also offer natural Aventurine beads, available in a stunning spectrum of colors like blue, green, yellow, black, brown, and cherry. Embrace the power and beauty of hematite beads today, and let your creativity shine.