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Hematite beads are the best suited for creating jewelry for men because this genuine stone has long been used to create amulets for warriors. We offer natural and synthetic hematite beads in black-gray, gold, silver, brown, benzene, and many other colors. There are also mixed sets available. The shapes of beads are also diverse: round, cylindrical, oval, conical, faceted, in the form of a rondel, a heart, a drop, a flower, crumbs. Their sizes vary depending on their shape. The diameter of round natural hematite beads for sale ranges from 2 to 10 mm. Cylindrical has a length of 9 mm, a width of 3 mm, cubic 3x3x3 mm. All types are collected on threads of 38 – 223 pieces.

Magical properties of labradorite

Of all the signs of the zodiac circle, the stone is most suitable for Scorpio. Astrologers recommend people born between October 24 and November 22 to natural hematite stone for sale to protect themselves from enemies, as well as to moderate the negativity and irritability often inherent in this sign. The hematite spacer beads will manifest itself best in the ring.

Aries, wearing jewelry made of genuine hematite beads for sale, sharpens intuition, develop imaginative thinking. Genuine Hematite beads help cancer to concentrate, become less emotional and look at life more "coldly".

Natural Hematite beads for sale in our online store, where natural spacer hematite stones are presented in all kinds of processing variations.

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