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Properties and Features of Coral Beads

Coral beads possess unique properties and features due to their natural composition. Coral, which is the skeleton of marine polyps, shares similarities with the human body, making it an exceptional material for jewelry and costume accessories. This remarkable gift from the sea comes in a wide variety of natural stone beads. Initially, natural corals have a matte appearance, but they gain a brilliant shine after being finely ground. Their authenticity can be easily determined by the distinctive mesh pattern present in genuine coral beads.

Red Coral, in particular, is renowned for its numerous valuable properties. It is believed to attract good luck, enhance mental state and logical thinking, ward off the evil eye, promote longevity, and have a healing effect on various systems and organs of the human body. White coral beads are highly prized in medicine, where water is infused with them and consumed orally in powder form as a rich source of organic calcium and other essential trace elements.

While coral jewelry is suitable for all zodiac signs, it has a profound impact on Pisces, Aries, and Scorpios.

Coral beads are utilized in the creation of various jewelry pieces such as beads, brooches, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Additionally, they are employed to adorn garments, including traditional Ukrainian folk costumes and ethnic attire from different cultures.

A Wide Range of Coral Beads

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