African Turquoise Bracelet

African Turquoise Bracelet

My first project. please don't be too hard on me

I wanted to make this cute bracelet after I saw something similar to Etsy. There are many beautiful things there!

It seems simple, but for me it was a big step in creativity

For the bracelet I needed:

1. Beads made of natural hematite in gold color, beads in the size of 2mm and two beads in the size of 4mm

2. Chip african turquoise bead (drilled) - 11 pieces of different sizes and shapes, (I tried to leave larger beads in the middle and move smaller ones to the edges)

3. 1mm thick silk thread

I bought it at a local store

I needed 2 threads of about 30 cm each. She thread is the main bracelet, the second thread is the adjustable lock.

Beading bracelet

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