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Clasps for bracelets and other jewelry

Original jewelry cannot have a complete look without locks, carabiners, fasteners. Such a small, barely noticeable thing as clasps for bracelets or beads can lead to the loss of your favorite jewelry. So these elements are fairly considered the central element of costume jewelry. The choice of high-quality accessories for jewelry should be approached carefully, since an incorrectly selected design can completely change the appearance of the entire decoration.

On many types of products, you can independently weave a clasp on a bracelet made of threads or cords. But if this option does not suit you, then you should get acquainted with our catalog of ready-made locks for jewelry.

Types of clasps

The assortment of locks, carabiners, fasteners is quite large and will help you quickly pick up exactly what is needed in order to complete the work on needlework.

Magnetic locks. Small cylinders, barrels, balls, which consist of two separate parts with loops at the ends. They are fixed with a magnet. They are not designed for too heavy beads, necklaces.
Screw locks. The most popular type that can withstand heavy loads. Fixation is carried out by screwing one part into another.
Slider. A kind of two tubes that are inserted into one another. Fixation is carried out by means of a spring or a magnet. It has one or more loops for fastening jewelry, so it is used when creating multi-row necklaces.
Lobster. A decorative, small element resembling a carabiner and a ring on the opposite side, which is used as a fastener for beads, bracelets.
Togl. An original, decorative and beautiful clasp that can become the centerpiece of the decoration. Decorative crossbar, which is inserted into the ring on the opposite side due to which fixation occurs. It is convenient to use as locks for bracelets, as it is convenient to fasten with one hand.
Hook. The simplest, but quite original element for fixing. With the help of a hook, a decorative opposite ring clings, due to which a reliable fixation is carried out.
The assortment is large and allows you to choose a lock for a bracelet or for any jewelry made of beads, beads, can be used for leather cord, ribbons and so on. Decorative, inlaid, the assortment is rich and diverse. If there are difficulties with the choice, you can ask for help from managers directly on the site to make the most correct choice without spending a lot of time on it.

The beauty of a lock is a sign of skill

Fasteners are made of a wide variety of materials, which necessarily have an anti-allergenic coating:

-eco brass;

Professional needlewomen claim that the beauty of the product directly depends on attention to detail. Therefore, it is necessary to choose carefully, taking into account many little things:

for small products that do not have a lot of weight, you can choose magnetic fasteners, screw locks, elegant carabiners;
if the decoration has a lot of weight, it is better to give preference to screw fasteners, larger carabiners, sliders;
using togl for jewelry, it is necessary to take into account the free range;
when choosing a lock for a bracelet, remember that you will have to fasten it without assistance with one hand.
These are subtleties that are well known not only to needlewomen, but also to ordinary women who use a wide variety of jewelry every day.

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