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Natural decorative stone is an ideal affordable material for making jewelry. Often, natural stone beads act as blanks for products. Possessing natural beauty, they attract attention with a special charm. In addition, unlike more colorful and bright synthetic analogs, they have their own energy and magnetism.

The secret of attractiveness

The natural stone beads attract attention with a variety of shades, fascinating depth and saturation of the color, and unique patterns of the structure. The combination of these qualities allows you to create jewelry that is often superior to expensive jewelry in terms of attractiveness.

Natural stone beads of the following names are used for the manufacture of necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry:

- aquamarine,
- amethyst,
- agate,
- river pearls,
- mother of pearl,
- garnet,
- Jasper,
- pyrite,
- tourmaline,
- quartz.

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