Moukaite jasper

Moukaite jasper

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What a beast like this, moukaite?
We have a new wonderful story about stones!

"There are stones about which it is easy to write, which conceal many riddles, stories even fairy tales, and there are stones about which everything and nothing is known at the same time, and it is interesting to write about such heroes! Today we have a very unusual and interesting character – Jasper moukaite, which is sometimes called " Australian agate".

A delicate creamy stone with berry veins and spots, like vanilla ice cream with lingonberry jam... or do you prefer cherry? Or not jam, but a cherry orchard? After all, a soft pink stone is so similar to a small piece of a spring garden, in which trees bloom luxuriantly, bees hum, a new life begin.


Moukaite smooth jasper beads.

But what if you suddenly offered yellow moukaite? Don't be surprised! Like other jasper, our hero today - one-color, pink, burgundy color can be combined not only with white but also with yellow, terracotta, even green colors. It is the bright color that has won the Australian mineralogists, after them lovers and connoisseurs of stones around the world.

Moukaite was discovered relatively recently, its production began in the second half of the twentieth century. Today only a few deposits are known, the largest in Australia and Madagascar. At the site of the first discovery – Flour Creek-the stone was given a name, and it became a kind of business card, a brand for an unusually colored jasper.

Do you know what reminds me of moukaite? Champagne! Sparkling wine is produced in many countries of the world, but real Champagne is only in the French province of Champagne, where the magic of turning grape juice into a festive mood and a world brand is created in special centuries-old cellars.


Faceted Moukaite beads
Moukaite faceted jasper beads.

 What's the magic of the earth-created moukaite? The story of jasper's reincarnation has already been told, but it is so beautiful that it can be repeated over and over again. Remember the radiolarians – the little nomads of the ocean who build themselves" houses " of incredible beauty, like the lace of the finest workmanship? I think that you can look at them endlessly: they are the geniuses of microscopic architecture. After such pictures, it is difficult for me to call these creatures the simplest, although they are relatives of amoebas.

It is these microscopic skeletons that accumulate for centuries on the ocean floor, first turning into the silt, then into porous rocks consisting of silica, and a little like chalk. And they would have remained so, if not for the encounter with the internal heat of the Earth, which hardened and melted the silica, turning the loose and faded rock into a hard and durable jasper. And the liquids that penetrated into the pores of the still loose rock could bring a variety of impurities, which painted the future jasper in bright and unique colors, making each stone unique. The noble cherry color of moukaite is probably given by manganese ions, the same ones that color rhodonite and a solution of potassium permanganate, and iron and chromium are responsible for the rich range of yellow, terracotta, and even green shades.

Unlike rhodonite, moukaite not afraid of high humidity and mechanical damage. To damage the jasper, you need to make a noticeable effort, or for a long time and persistently violate all the rules for storing and caring for natural stones. For example, to do carpentry work without removing the rings. This noble stone will easily endure ordinary household adventures due to its high hardness (7 on the Mohs scale, the same as that of quartz and steel file) and density.


Matte moukaite beads
Matte moukaite jasper beads.
Beauty moukaite impressive and inspiring. Despite the fact that it has only recently come to the collections and caskets of stone lovers, it is already legendary. This variety of jasper is considered a wonderful talisman and magic stone that stabilizes human energy, bringing balance and harmony to life. It is believed that moukaite helps its owner to make the right decision even in the most difficult life situations. So you can be sure that the decision to buy jewelry with moukaite will be correct, stone will become your companion and decoration for many years to come! It remains just a little bit – to wait for the golden hands of Oringo jewelers to present these unique stones with exclusive frames."

Moukaite jasper beads, cabochons, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, talismans, from this stone.


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