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The amazonite stone beads

Is considered a subspecies of potassium feldspar, therefore it belongs to the moonstone. A rare type of crystal has a coarse-grained concentration in the form of monocrystalline inclusions of various shapes. You can buy natural amazonite beads in our online store. We have a wide selection of stone products.

Amazonite jewelry with natural beads is not just a beautiful decoration. It affects the rejuvenation of the skin and gives it a radiant appearance. His character calms the psyche and sharpens vision. The effect of the mineral strengthens the family marriage. Astrologers advise you to buy it on your wedding day and make your most intimate wishes. Amazonite stone beads will turn the house into an impregnable fortress and protect it from trouble. Many magicians use it for the purpose of seeing. Buy amazonite beads for spinal diseases, venous dilation, obesity and cellulite.

The Rainbowgembeads online store offers a wide selection of natural amazonite beads, which will help activate all the hidden reserves of a person.

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