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Aquamarine Crystal Beads: Legends and Care Tips

Aquamarine crystal beads have been prized throughout history for their beauty and supposed magical properties. According to legend, sailors found these stones among the treasures in the mermaid's chest, and they have been associated with the sea and Neptune ever since. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that aquamarine brought happiness and made the mermaid the patroness of sailors. Pliny the Elder gave the stone its name, and emperors have cherished it for centuries.

If you own aquamarine jewelry, it's important to take proper care of it. Store it separately from other pieces, as it can darken or fade when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight. To clean it, use a warm soap solution and a soft cloth or wipes.

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In summary, aquamarine crystal beads have a rich history and are prized for their beauty and supposed magical properties. By following proper care tips, you can ensure that your aquamarine jewelry stays looking its best for years to come.