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Legends about the origin of aquamarine crystal beads An old legend says: aquamarine crystal is a sea stone found by sailors among the treasures in the mermaid's chest. Since those times, this mineral has been a symbol of happiness among the ancient Romans and Greeks, and they began to consider the mermaid the patroness of sailors. The name of the jewelry business was given to him by the ancient Roman sage Pliny the Elder.

There is another legend according to which the stone is associated with the planet Neptune, and reflects the boundless, alluring, unpredictable and mysterious seas and oceans, as well as Space. The magical properties of natural aquamarine beads were especially appreciated by the emperors. To date, many natural aquamarines beads medallions with images of rulers and monarchs of many countries have been preserved.

Jewelry care

Store aquamarine products separately from other jewelry. Do not allow adverse effects: it darkens under the influence of high temperatures and fades in the sun. To clean, use a warm soap solution and wipe with a dry cloth or soft wipes.

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