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Black agate beads are able to treat diseases and serves as a talisman against dark magic. He transforms all negative energy influences into positive ones. This magical property is inherent only in this mineral, so black agate beads are protection against a love spell, the evil eye, damage, and other sorcery directed against its owner. In ancient Persia, the gem was a symbol of power over evil, protecting the magic of enemies, but also from other troubles. To ensure that the protective properties do not weaken, the stone should be washed under running water.

Black white agate strengthens the moral principles of the owner and gives him financial well-being. It allows you to decide on a life goal, gives you the strength and prudence to achieve it. The owner of the white talisman ceases to be distracted from his path by the obstacles of fate.

Jewelry made from Black white agate beads is most suitable for Scorpions, who will be able to fully reveal its useful properties. But it is better for Sagittarians and Aries to refrain from wearing it because it can prevent them from achieving what they want, bringing chaos to life.