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Post by Tatsiana.

Today, bloodstone is in demand in the jewelry business — beads, cabochons, and much more. Then this stone is used to make earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, and other products.

The magical properties of bloodstone were appreciated by man in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used it in magical and religious rites. Ancient Roman legionaries always carried an amulet in the form of bloodstone, as they believed that the gem would give them protection from injury. In Russia, it was highly valued due to its energy, which was designed to protect people from damage. Small stones of bloodstone were hung over the cradles with babies, which provided children with protection from the evil eye.

This gemstone is a symbol of rationalism, insight, diligence, and hard work. It is believed that the gem can endow its owner with determination, especially when it comes to performing vital actions. And also the mineral can give its owner inner harmony and save him from anger and irritability.