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Discover for a wide selection of exquisite citrine beads at affordable prices. Derived from the Latin word "citrus," meaning "lemon," citrine's vibrant yellow hue inspired its name. These noble gemstones boast captivating luster and have been treasured by jewelers for centuries. Dating back to the 18th century, citrine has adorned various jewelry pieces, amulets, and talismans, renowned for its healing and mystical properties.

Citrine beads possess remarkable benefits, positively influencing one's psycho-emotional well-being by alleviating stress, restoring inner harmony, and instilling vitality for new beginnings. Astrologers particularly recommend this gem to individuals belonging to solar zodiac signs such as Leo, Aries, Gemini, and Libra. By wearing citrine bead jewelry, these signs can amplify their energy and radiate even more brilliantly. Embrace the power of citrine beads from and embrace your inner light.