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The catalog of the online store presents about 10 types of spring ring clasps of excellent quality. You can choose locks made of stainless steel, brass and other alloys for your project, the outer coating of which imitates various precious or decorative metals and alloys: gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum, and weapon steel.

Some of the locks presented in the catalog are sold complete with metal end caps in the form of a dragon's head and a snake. These details look beautiful, and original, they will add a more complete look to the product. In fact, they are also an independent additional decoration.

The diameter of the spring ring clasps varies from 9 to 15.5 millimeters. They are sold packed in 5 pieces.

Application in needlework

spring ring clasps are simply necessary for craftswomen who collect designer jewelry. These locks are easy to use and reliable. At the same time, they look laconic and elegant. Surely, you have all seen how perfectly they match with very thin gold and silver chains.

Spring ring clasps can be installed on any bases for jewelry, whether it is monofilament, lace or ribbon. The main thing is that the color of the material from which the lock is made is harmoniously combined with other decorative elements of this product.

Attach the spring ring clasps to the base of the decoration with the help of connecting rings and pliers.

Where and how to buy

The online store "" guarantees the high quality of its accessories and offers to buy spring ring clasps inexpensively, both wholesale and retail. By filling out a simple order form on our website, you can buy from us both clasps and any other products you like. Start implementing your design ideas with us, easily and comfortably, without tedious shopping, doubts about the choice and selection of suitable shapes, types and colors of certain elements: our managers are willing to help you in everything online.