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Opal is universally recognized as the lucky gemstone cross for this horoscope sign. By the way, the beliefs about its ability to change the brightness of depending on the state of mind of the owner are debunked: this is an absolutely natural phenomenon to the structure of this gemstone cross and the high water content, so there is no mystique here.
According to the general opinion of experts and lovers of cross gem, noble opal stands out among other stones due to the phenomenal optical effect-opalescence, and the unique pattern of color spots makes truly unique! The most beautiful, but also the most expensive, is recognized as, it contains flashes of all the rainbow, from red to purple. We also advise you to pay attention to fire opals, which have a bright orange-red range, they can be both with and without color play. Cross gem with rainbow flashes can be considered an interesting gift idea for Libra women. In addition to the listed cross with gemstones, for the spiritual development of this sign, lithotherapists recommend wearing a sapphire-cross with gemstones of exceptional hardness and beauty. The old lapidary says the following: "Who carries it with him in a ring, makes him calm and honest in people, devoutly merciful, spiritual...". In ancient Greece and Rome, it is suitable for philosophical contemplation and reflection, and according to Indian cross with gemstones, sapphire brings good. According to the zodiac sign, the Libra sapphire is considered a strong talisman that strengthens the spirit and leads to inner wholeness.