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From the point of view of energy and magic, druzy beads is a symbol of harmony, as it indicates how stones get along and form one stone. Thus, even types of crystals grow together in druzy beads, and not different minerals, each brings its own energy and affects the neighboring stones. The druzy stone is a role model and time a talisman for families. The copy will decorate a room in the house but also clean it the negative influence of outsiders.

To achieve the result, druzy beads for jewelry making supplies are kept in a prominent place, and not in hidden inboxes. If druzy beads are sun during the day, and at night the light of the moon, then the stone will bring material prosperity to the house. Remember that the crystals can not stay in direct sunlight for a long time, they lose color saturation. Druzy beads for jewelry making supplies are best placed near the computer, it will clean the air, take radiation from the monitor.