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For the zodiac sign Virgo faceted gemstone beads diamond is very favorable. Faceted gemstone beads is the hardest gemstone ever known. Nikolaev in his book "Stones and Legends" mentions that the Indian healers gave the diamond an extraordinary and the ability to attract treasures. In the lapidary of the 16th century, it is said that the greatest possessed, donated or inherited. Micro faceted gemstone beads of natural origin, cut in a specially designed precise cut with certain parameters. Are considered a very powerful protective amulet for the Virgin, he is credited with the ability to protect from the evil eye and ward off damage. It is also undesirable to wear micro faceted gemstone beads at the same time with other varieties of faceted rondelle gemstone beads, it does not tolerate competition. However, there are exceptions, so can be combined with sapphires, emeralds and rubies, although the last faceted rondelle gemstone beads is considered controversial for Virgo from the point of view of astrology. Some categorically forbid wearing a scarlet, attributing to it the ability to cause aggression, but there is also another that the is able to awaken hidden energy in its owner. There are also a number of 2mm faceted gemstone beads that are not suitable for those born under the sign of Virgo. It includes turquoise, mother of pearl, and opal. Some do not recommend wearing red spinel, appealing to the excessive energy of this stone, which can disrupt the harmony of a man or woman. However, as for the unwanted 2mm faceted gemstone beads, astrologers agree that an individual approach is required here. You can only limit the time of wearing, but do not give them up altogether, as your favorite jewelry carries a positive energy.