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Crystal Glass Beads in the

Among the many materials for needlework, crystal glass beads enjoy special attention from needlewomen. They are made of rock crystal by a special method of cutting. Thanks to this, they sparkle and play with facets in the rays of the sun or evening lighting. Products made of this material look not just elegant, but also quite rich. These beads are a bit like glass. But they do not have the same spark that is present in the crystal. The presence of zinc oxide in the crystal gives this unique effect.

Crystal glass beads: materials and shapes

This material is a priority for needlewomen. They use crystal glass beads not only to create beautiful jewelry, but also when decorating clothes, interior items. Such products fill the surrounding atmosphere with a pleasant shine even in the absence of bright lighting.

Among the variety presented on the website of the store, it is worth highlighting the most popular Czech or Austrian beads. Diverse in shape and shades:

round faceted;
in the form of a drop;
faceted rectangles;
cubic shape.
Different shades make it possible to use them in the decoration of clothes, to use them for curtains or decorating lampshades, lamps.