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An amazing stone, on the slices of which pictures of fabulously beautiful landscapes unfold. A lot of stripes, folding into a variety of patterns. In them, in their amazing interweaving – the whole world in all its diversity. He is like our life: the strip is light, and the strip is dark. But this is exactly what her charm is: if she were of the same light color, endless joy would definitely get bored and cease to please. Similarly, Indian agate beads, if they were of any uniform color, would become completely different, much less expressive and artistic. Here, as in life – it seems that there is only a dull monotony around – change the angle of view, find among the layers of feelings and events that single, amazing strip that can change everything.

Indian agate is a natural stone with a distinct striped and textured pattern. The structure is layered, mainly of a concentric type, in some cases (for example, in Indian agate beads) combined with the horizontal layers. It is characterized by alternating transparent, translucent, and opaque wavy multi-colored stripes, the number of which can reach 7 thousand per 1 cm2.

Well amenable to processing, indian agate beads have been valued by stone craftsmen since ancient times. Almost five thousand years ago, carved seals were made of it in Babylon. The ancient Hellenes carved from indian agate beads medallions depicting the faces and figures of gods, eyes for statues, and portraits of heroes and famous citizens. The layering of the stone made it possible to create whole paintings: faces were cut out clothes from colored ones, hair from dark ones.