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Healing Power and Symbolism of Jade Beads

Jade beads charm with their unique, warm touch and velvety feel. Yet, these stones are not just aesthetically pleasing; their strength and high hardness signify endurance. After careful polishing, they reveal a distinctive shine, symbolic of their inherent resilience.

Historically cherished in China, natural jade beads were esteemed above gold. Revered as a protective amulet, jade jewelry is believed to shield its wearer from malevolent forces, promising longevity and familial harmony. These semi-precious stones are also linked with healing properties, especially concerning kidney ailments, making them an ideal choice for Virgo and Libra zodiacs. These exquisite gems are popular amongst warriors and scholars for their talismanic qualities.

These jade beads are versatile, transforming into various jewelry types, including bracelets, and also serving as decorative household items, religious artifacts, figurines, and chess pieces.

Diverse Collection of Jade Beads for Jewelry Making hosts an extensive collection of jade beads, perfect for your bespoke jewelry making needs. We offer a broad range of:

Type: Choose between synthetic and natural jade beads, according to your preferences.
Color: Our collection features various hues from white, blue, black-gray, orange-yellow, to red-pink, and a vibrant mix.
Size: With bead sizes ranging from 2 to 19 mm, there's a perfect fit for every design.
Hole Diameter: Our beads cater to various threading needs, with hole diameters ranging from 1 mm to 1.9 mm.
Our store also features unique jade beads ensconced in rock crystal "caps". Available in packs of 2, these exquisite beads add a touch of originality to your designs.

At, you'll find affordable jade beads for sale, with delivery options worldwide. Explore our collection today to create your unique jewelry piece.

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