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Alexandrite, a type of chrysoberyl
Gemstone mala, a jewelry variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, is often referred to as a lucky charm for Twins. The duality of the Gemini sign is reflected in the unusual optical effect of gemstone mala - the change of color depending on the type of lighting (the so-called "alexandrite effect"). In artificial "yellow" light, the stone looks purple, red, in cold white daylight - blue-green. Alexandrite has magical properties, alexandrite in some aspects is unparalleled, it is a strong talisman that has its own opinion. Depending on the behavior of its owner, the stone chooses whether to help him or not. By the way, note that you can only wear mala gemstone beads in pairs. You must have two stones on you, no less, either both in the same product or one in two different ones.
Jewelry beryls
It is believed that one of the best mala gemstone beads for the zodiac according to the horoscope is the mineral beryl. This mineral has several well-known jewelry varieties, for example, it includes emerald, heliodor, white beryl goshenite, morganite (pink), and aquamarine. According to some astrologers, mala gemstone beads is not suitable for Gemini, blue aquamarine, all other varieties are perfectly compatible with this sign, bring him well-being and prosperity. By the way, pay attention to another variety of beryl-noble green beryl. Beryl Jewelry of mala gemstone beads It does not have such a rich emerald hue, and not as yellow as heliodor, rather the color can be described as a grassy golden green. It is perfectly combined with the energy of the Twins, as, indeed, heliodorus.