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Post by Tatsiana.

Before this mineral was used for making various crafts, jewelry, beads, cabochons, malachite was the main source of copper, as it is a hydrated carbonate of this metal.

The color scheme of this precious stone is represented by all shades of green: from light green to almost black. This mineral can be dissolved in acid. When placed in ammonia, the latter takes on a beautiful blue hue. Malachite can have both a glass luster and a matte one.

The miraculous abilities of malachite in ridding the owner of various diseases have been known since ancient times. The stone is able to cure various skin diseases, as well as diseases of bones and joints. It also makes breathing easier and relieves the severity of asthma attacks, improves vision, and relieves toothache.

The magical properties of gemstone malachite are also quite extensive. In Russia, it was believed that with its help, you can learn to understand the language of all living beings, as well as receive the gift of invisibility, although the latter may seem somewhat naive today.

Modern experts believe that if you constantly wear jewelry with malachite, it will strengthen the connection with your guardian angel, which will give strength and sharpen your intuition. The gemstone is able to protect against damage and the evil eye, improve sleep and get rid of nightmares. It is often used as a child's amulet, as the child is very vulnerable in sleep.