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Garnet-favorable matte gemstone beads for Virgo. Dark grenades have several names. For example, in ancient Russia, grenades were called as becheta, venisa, chervets.
Garnets are a group of minerals that combine similar in composition, but different in color, varieties: spessartin (orange), tsavorite and demantoid (emerald green), pyrope, almandine, rhodolite and others. Garnets, pyropes and almandines, are considered "stones of fire", they are credited with the ability to awaken love feelings and ignite passion. It is believed that pomegranates of green shades, thanks to the healing green color, have a beneficial effect on vision and the nervous system. Esotericists believe that matte gemstone beads is more suitable for Virgo women according to the horoscope, as it speaks eloquently about matters of the heart in the language of symbols, it is a declaration of love, it kindles feelings, attracts a loved one. For men, it is also a magical talisman, red grenades help to build a harmonious relationship and protect against accidents. Green matte gemstone beads have a positive impact on the financial sector: they increase prosperity and well-being.