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A variety of agate

Similar to it in physical and magical properties— is black or white onyx. Unlike agate, marble black white onyx beads consist of aragonite and calcite, have characteristic flat parallel layers of various shades, and their price is slightly lower.

In general, black onyx beads are considered a talisman against various diseases, such as migraines, fever, inflammation, stuttering, decreased potency, rheumatism, renal colic, and liver ailments.

The magical properties of the authentic onyx beads are no less interesting and diverse. However, it should be worn only by strong, responsible people - managers, military, emergency workers, leaders of other spheres. It will help you find a way out in a difficult situation and strengthen your willpower.

Zodiac authentic onyx beads are suitable for any sign since it refers to a universal stone. However, the best compatibility can be traced with Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius.