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A variety of agate


Discover the mystical allure of onyx beads, a unique variety of agate imbued with both physical and magical attributes. Available in striking black or pristine white, our onyx beads are composed of aragonite and calcite, featuring flat parallel layers of diverse shades that make each piece a work of art.

Quality and Value

Despite their striking resemblance to agate, onyx beads stand out with a slightly lower price tag. Their characteristic structure and enchanting color variations make these pieces a cost-effective addition to any jewelry collection, offering an exceptional balance between aesthetic appeal and affordability.

Healing Properties

Black onyx beads are more than just a fashion statement. These remarkable stones have been revered as potent talismans against numerous ailments, including migraines, fevers, inflammations, and even more chronic conditions like rheumatism and liver issues. Empower your health journey with these extraordinary beads.

Magical Significance

The magic of onyx beads isn't limited to their healing properties. Renowned as a stone of strength, these beads are ideal for the determined and the responsible - leaders, military personnel, and emergency workers. Enhance your resilience and find clarity in challenging situations with the power of onyx.

Astrological Affinity

Onyx beads are a universal stone, making them an ideal fit for every zodiac sign. However, they demonstrate a particular affinity with Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Embrace the cosmic connection with our authentic zodiac onyx beads and amplify your astrological energy.