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Looking for an affordable yet stunning addition to your jewelry creations? Look no further than our extensive collection of pearl glass beads. An imitation of natural pearls, these beads offer an aesthetic appeal at a fraction of the cost, making them a favorite choice for many crafters and jewelers.

Advantages of Pearl Glass Beads

Affordability: Genuine pearls, both river and marine, are classed by the thickness and quality of their mother-of-pearl coating, leading to high costs for top-quality pieces. Our pearl glass beads offer a much more budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Quality: Pearl glass beads, like their natural counterparts, come in varying qualities. Premium beads, often from Czech and Austrian manufacturers, fetch a higher price while more economical options can be sourced from Chinese manufacturers.

Versatility: With a multitude of colors and shades, pearl glass beads offer a richer palette than natural pearls, which typically have a more limited color range.

Durability: Unlike natural pearls that can show wear under adverse conditions, quality pearl glass beads boast resistance to perfumes, household chemicals, sweat, and scratches.

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Our catalog features pearl glass beads suitable for all types of crafts. Beads with diameters of 5-10mm are typically used in jewelry making. With our selection, you can choose from glossy or matte beads in various shades of blue, orange, red, pink, green, gold, and many more colors.

We offer a variety of shapes including spherical, oval, rondels, and drops. The diameters for our round beads range from 4mm to 12mm. Altogether, we stock over 240 types of pearl glass beads.

So, whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out in jewelry making, we're confident you'll find the perfect pearl glass beads for your project in our catalog. And if you need any assistance, our team of consultants is always here to help. Add a touch of elegance to your crafts with our pearl glass beads. Shop now.