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Pearl and Shell beads

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Discover our vast array of Collections Pearl and Shell Beads, derived from both sea and river shells. Handmade with precision, these natural mother of pearl beads offer a unique material for crafting original jewelry, as well as accessorizing attire with a touch of marine allure.

Shell Bead Collection

Dive into our collection of over 80 types of enchanting sea and river shell beads. These naturally irregular shapes, polished and infused with mother-of-pearl, captivate with their organic charm. Geometric or abstract, choose from round, oval, and rectangular flat mother-of-pearl beads, along with innovative shapes like leaves, eyes, hearts, Hamsa hands, and more.

Our selection also includes naturally or artificially colored pearl crumbs and shell-shaped beads. Opt for natural, unpainted seashells ready for stringing, or add a splash of color with painted shells available in a spectrum of hues - orange, pink, purple, green, blue, and beyond. For a vibrant flair, explore shells with prints or our rainbow colors sporting a mother-of-pearl tint.

Crafting with Collections Pearl and Shell Beads

Our natural shell beads and mother of pearl present a creative medium for designing diverse accessories. Create captivating earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even spice up shoes, belts, bags, and clothing. These bespoke pieces seamlessly complement beach holiday attire or simply add a romantic touch to summer outfits.

Pair mother of pearl with gold and silver fittings for an elegant finish. A single pearl bead of an exotic shape on a chain often exudes more elegance than a massive pearl necklace. Craft sophisticated jewelry with our Collections Pearl and Shell beads, and let your creativity shine.