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Venture into the world of gemstone jewelry with our Collections Sodalite Beads, a unique offering from Sodalite beads, often referred to as hakmanite or alomite, are semi-precious stones cherished for their rarity and vivid hues, predominantly shades of serene blue.

Gem Origins and Colors: Global Beauty

Our Sodalite beads trace their origins back to gem-rich regions of Italy, Germany, Portugal, and the Celtic Peninsula. The colors encompass a broad spectrum - from deep blue and vibrant yellow to bold black, radiant red, and lush green. However, the blue variants remain the most sought-after, symbolizing calm and wisdom.

Health Benefits: The Healing Power of Sodalite

Enriched with photochromic properties, these sodalite beads are considered beneficial for health. Especially valuable for those exposed to radiation, wearing sodalite jewelry can aid in normalizing blood pressure, bolstering heart function, balancing the thyroid gland, and mitigating radiation effects.

Astrological Significance: The Scholar's Stone

Astrologers often endorse Sodalite beads as the perfect companion for scholars, businessmen, and teachers. These beads, known as the stones of courage, foster mental development, encourage sound judgment, and inspire goal-oriented focus. Possessing raw Sodalite beads or simply having a sodalite pebble in your vicinity can potentially ward off impending danger.

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