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Unearth the mesmerizing beauty of our Collections Sunstone beads at We offer an expansive selection of natural, shimmering Sunstone beads, a rare and precious mineral renowned for its captivating pearlescent glow, similar to the celestial gleam of the moon.

Varieties and Characteristics of Sunstone Beads

Our Collections Sunstone beads encompass two unique varieties: adularia and belomorite. These beads flaunt a spectrum of hues, ranging from pristine white to enchanting purple and blue. The transparency and color richness of these Sunstone beads determine their value; the more transparent and colorful, the higher their esteem and cost. Our most sought-after Sunstone beads showcase captivating phenomena such as asterism and the mesmerizing "cat's eye" effect.

Sunstone Beads in Jewelry Making

Embrace the unique allure of Sunstone beads in your jewelry creations. Their undeniable charm enhances pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Our Collections Sunstone beads are exceptionally striking when shaped into cabochons or flat inserts. Explore the magic of Sunstone beads and elevate your jewelry designs with this extraordinary semi-precious stone from