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Teardrop gemstone October
Beautiful noble opals and tourmaline. Since these gems come in different colors and shades, you can choose a specific instance to suit your taste. Also, beryls are recommended, in particular blue and greenish aquamarines, natural corals.
Teardrop gemstone beads November
For those born the ICA offers yellow, orange, pink topaz, citrine, and cat's eye are also mentioned. This month's mascot is an amethyst.
Teardrop gemstone December
For those born: turquoise, topaz, zircon, and tanzanite.
You may ask, how do you make a choice among so many teardrop gems? In such a delicate matter as choosing a talisman, you should trust your inner voice. The main thing is to feel sympathy for a particular instance and rely on your perception and feelings.
If you are in doubt about choosing a teardrop gem, listen to yourself: working with gems requires intuition. No wonder they say that” your “teardrop gemstone beads “attracts” the owner, captures his attention, you want to touch this copy, hold it in your hands, carry it with you.
We will put together a personal collection for you, taking into account your zodiac sign.