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What is wooden teething beads?

Designed to facilitate teething in children. In another way, it is called-baby bead toy for teeth. When a child is teething, he tries to chew everything in a row, just to reduce the pain and itching in the gums. This is unhygienic and far from safe, as the baby risks damaging the oral cavity, swallowing small objects or catching an infection. That's why it's so important to provide it with comfortable and safe wooden teething beads.
Looking for where to buy a baby bead toy? Our online store offers accessories from which you can make an original baby bead toy with your own hands. Use ready-made examples from our gallery.

Perfect baby wooden teething beads – what is it?

best materials for making baby bead toys are wood and food-grade silicone. They perfectly cope with their task and have all the advantages listed below.
Proper wooden teething beads should:
Massage the gums well. Massage reduces pain, and improves blood circulation in the root zone of the teeth, speeding up teething.
Arouse the interest of the child. The baby bead toys that we offer are made with the characteristics of young children in mind. They are bright and funny, so they immediately attract the child's attention, help to captivate, and keep him occupied for a long time.
Be comfortable with the baby's hands and mouth. From the accessories offered by us, you can easily make a proportionate and light baby bead toy, that the child will be comfortable to hold and chewing.
Be safe. Wood and food-grade silicone are inert materials, they do not emit any toxic substances when chewed and heated.
All products in our online store have the appropriate safety certificates and meet European quality standards. The wooden components are additionally coated with a special German paint that is resistant to saliva, sweat and moisture.
Advantages of baby bead toy made of food grade silicone and wood
Silicone baby bead toy is elastic, but at the same time soft, so it is suitable even for very small children (from 2-3 months). The formation of teeth begins long before teething, so chewing soft teething beads is extremely beneficial for the baby. In addition, the silicone can be cooled to enhance the analgesic effect and relieve swelling of the gums.
Solid wooden teething beads are optimal for older children. It creates the right load on the gums during the period when there is active teething.
Our online store offers:
Silicone and wooden beads with holes and letters, rings, motifs in the form of animals, flowers and other objects.
Accessories for name holders.
Silicone and wooden clips for mounting.