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What are Wooden Teething Beads?
Wooden Teething Beads are designed to provide relief for teething infants. Babies often try to chew on anything they can reach to alleviate the discomfort and itching associated with teething, which can lead to unhygienic conditions and potential hazards. This makes it crucial to provide them with safe and comfortable teething solutions like our Wooden Teething Beads.

Why Choose Our Wooden Teething Beads?
Our online store offers a vast array of accessories to create an original, homemade baby teething bead toy. With our materials, it's easy to assemble a proportionate, lightweight teething toy that your baby will comfortably hold and chew. The teething toys we offer are brightly colored and amusing, instantly catching your child's attention and keeping them engaged.

High Quality and Safety Standards
The best materials for teething toys are wood and food-grade silicone, both of which we offer. These materials are inert, emitting no toxic substances when chewed or heated. All our products come with the appropriate safety certifications and comply with European quality standards. Our wooden components are also coated with a saliva, sweat, and moisture-resistant German paint for extra safety.

The Benefits of Our Wooden Teething Beads
Our silicone teething beads are elastic yet soft, making them suitable for infants as young as 2-3 months old. Chewing on these soft beads provides immense benefits for your baby. Moreover, the silicone can be cooled to enhance the analgesic effect and relieve gum swelling. For older children, our solid wooden teething beads provide the right load on the gums during the period of active teething.

Our Product Range
Our online store offers a diverse range of silicone and wooden beads, rings, and motifs in the shapes of animals, flowers, and other objects. We also offer accessories for name holders, as well as silicone and wooden clips for mounting.

Visit our gallery for ready-made examples, and start creating a unique and safe teething toy for your child today with our Wooden Teething Beads collection.