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2-5pcs 5ml Clear Silicone Graduated Droppers for Crafts & Candy Molds

2-5pcs 5ml Clear Silicone Graduated Droppers for Crafts & Candy Molds

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Upgrade your crafting and jewelry-making projects with our versatile 2-5pcs 5ml Clear Silicone Dropper Graduated Pipette Set. These handy tools are designed to make various creative endeavors easier and more precise.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Silicone Dropper
  • Package: Available in 2pcs or 5pcs options
  • Model Number: AC1069
  • Material: Silicone

  • Jewelry Tools & Equipments Type: Molds
  • Item: Disposable Squeeze Transfer Pipettes
  • Volume: 5ML
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Width: 1.1cm
    • Weight: 16g
    • Length: 12.4cm
    • Height: 0cm
    • Diameter: 12.4cm

Key Features:

  • Versatile Usage: These silicone droppers serve multiple purposes, including:

    • Candy and Gummy Mold Making: Precisely measure and dispense liquid ingredients for candy and gummy molds.
    • Crafts Making: Ideal for various crafting projects that require accurate liquid distribution.
    • Jewelry Making: Perfect for DIY jewelry makers to handle liquids with precision.
  • Graduated Design: The graduated markings on the droppers allow for precise measurements, ensuring accuracy in your projects.

  • Easy to Operate: These droppers are designed for ease of use, making them suitable for crafters of all levels.

  • Scaled: The scaled design helps you measure liquids with accuracy, eliminating guesswork.


  • For UV Epoxy Making: Achieve precise measurements and distribution of UV epoxy for your crafting projects.

  • For Resin Making: Use these droppers to handle resin with precision, ensuring your resin creations turn out just as you envision.

  • For DIY Jewelry Making: Whether you need to add tiny amounts of color or other liquids to your jewelry creations, these droppers are perfect for the job.

Invest in the quality and precision of our Silicone Dropper Graduated Pipette Set and take your crafting and jewelry-making to the next level. These versatile tools simplify your projects and ensure accurate results, making them a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.


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