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Blue Howlite Freeform Nuggets

Blue Howlite Freeform Nuggets

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Product Features:

  • Stone Type: Authentic Howlite Turquoise
  • Shape: Organic Freeform Nugget, capturing the stone's natural beauty
  • Color: Tranquil blue hue
  • Bead Size: Approximately 12mm
  • Hole Size: Precise 1mm
  • Quantity: Available as a single strand
  • Strand Length: Measures between 15.5 to 16 inches, containing around 35 beads

Magical and Healing Properties: Howlite is revered for its tranquil properties. It's known to soothe and calm the mind, aiding in the reduction of anxiety and stress. This stone encourages emotional expression and helps to balance the energies in the body. When tinted blue, Howlite also taps into the energies of communication, understanding, and spiritual depth.

Zodiac Compatibility: Blue Howlite beautifully complements the energies of Gemini and Virgo. For these zodiac signs, the stone amplifies their inherent analytical nature, fosters patience, and supports effective communication.

Summary: Dive into the serene world of the Blue Howlite Freeform Nuggets. Perfect for creating a piece that stands out or for adding to your collection, these nuggets merge the stone's natural charm with its beneficial properties. Whether you're crafting a necklace, bracelet, or another creative project, these beads infuse both beauty and tranquility into your work.


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