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Frosted African Blue Turquoise 4-12mm

Frosted African Blue Turquoise 4-12mm

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*Sizes are approximate
Strand Length - 15.5'' Inches

Bead size and Quantity by strand:
4mm (93-100pcs)
6mm (64-72pcs)
8mm (48-50pcs)
10mm (38-39pcs)
12mm (30-33pcs)
14mm (26-28pcs)
16mm (24-25pcs)

Hole Size: 1-1.5 mm
Sold by the Strand
Shape - Round
Color - Green and gray
Material - Natural african turquoise
Surface - Matte

Step into a winter wonderland with our Frosted African Blue Turquoise Beads. The frosty finish on each bead, sized 4-12mm, adds a touch of mystique, reminiscent of African mornings touched by the first light of dawn. The 15.5-inch strand offers a cascade of beads, each whispering tales of cool breezes and moonlit safaris. These beads don't just accessorize; they mesmerize. Embark on a jewelry journey with our Frosty Dunes, Midnight Tunes collection, where Africa meets the Arctic in a dance of beauty.


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