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Blue Turquoise Chip Beads 5~8mm

Blue Turquoise Chip Beads 5~8mm

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Explore the enchanting world of natural Blue Turquoise with our versatile Blue Turquoise Chip Beads, sized from 5mm to 8mm. Each strand spans a generous 35 inches, providing ample material for your creative endeavors. These chip beads are characterized by their opaque transparency and irregular chip shape, adding a unique and organic feel to your jewelry creations.

Product Features:

  • Stone: Crafted from natural Blue Turquoise, known for its captivating blue and green hues, symbolizing the energies of the sky and sea.

  • Bead Size: Each strand contains chip beads with sizes ranging from 5mm to 8mm, allowing you to add dynamic elements to your jewelry projects.

  • Hole Size: The beads feature a versatile 1mm hole size, accommodating various threading materials and techniques.

  • Selling Unit: Every purchase includes a single strand of these beautiful Blue Turquoise chip beads, making it easy to infuse your designs with their natural charm.

Magical and Healing Properties:

  • Communication and Wisdom: Blue Turquoise is believed to enhance communication skills, aiding in self-expression and attentive listening. It fosters wisdom and personal growth.

  • Protection: It's thought to provide protection from negative energies and promote an overall sense of well-being.

  • Balance: Blue Turquoise is associated with balance and harmony. It helps align the chakras and promotes inner serenity.

Zodiac Signs:

  • Blue Turquoise resonates closely with Sagittarius, Pisces, and Scorpio zodiac signs, enhancing their innate qualities.

Embrace the allure and metaphysical advantages of Blue Turquoise Chip Beads in your jewelry projects. Whether for style or their mystical properties, these beads make a meaningful addition to your collection, promoting communication, protection, and inner equilibrium.


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