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Products from African turquoise beads were worn as an amulet that brings victory, good luck, protects from all troubles, from the "evil eye" and makes its owner invulnerable.
Indian yogis attribute to African turquoise beads a strong positive energy that has a beneficial effect on people, reducing their anger, irritability, evil thoughts, giving confidence and positive emotions. It helps its owner to focus, to understand the meaning of life, to determine what goals he should achieve, keeps a person from vanity and fruitless actions. From the point of view of magic, African turquoise beads nourishes a person with its energy. If it abruptly changes color (turns pale, turns green), it signals a serious illness of the person who wears it. african turquoise beads were recommended to be worn by psychologically mature people. As an amulet for children, stone drives away evil entities. Travelers should take african turquoise beads with them on the road - it will take away the dangers from them, make the journey easy and pleasant. Long ago, hunters and shooters attached African turquoise beads to a rifle or bow to help them hit the target.